Morgan Rickman is a talent agency representing background performers for Feature Films, Television Series and Commercials. We represent men and women of all ages, babies to 100 years, all ethnicities, and all looks.

Our Agency has been in business since 2004, offering a personalized service for performers and casting directors. Our experience and knowledge allows us to be an effective starting point for your career in this industry. Please explore our website, and contact us to discuss opportunities that we can offer you.

Interested in working in Film and Television?


Working as a Background Performer the most important form you will need to fill out is your voucher. This is the only way to get paid for your time on set. Your Voucher keeps track of the hours you work and what project you work on. MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS KEEP A SIGNED COPY FOR YOURSELF.

Your voucher is a legal document fill it out neatly, printing clearly. Make sure your information clearly transfers to all copies.

AABP & NON-UNION please note:

On your voucher you must write Your Legal Name”  and our agency address.

C / O Morgan Rickman Talent
46 Monastery Lane
Toronto, On, M1L 4V6


The hourly rate as a Non-Union & AABP Background Performer is $14.00/hour with an 8-hour minimum pay, not including the unpaid lunch hour. If you only work two hours, you are still always paid for eight hours. Anything over eight hours is still paid $14.00/hour.

Union rates apply for ACTRA Members, Full & Apprentice.

Yes, Background Performers are required to pay a commission for the work they do.

All commissions are calculated on gross earnings, not off the net, and are subject to 13% HST .  

If you are paid extra for travel time, mileage, cars, dogs, tuxedos, gowns, bicycles, etc., this additional payment will be subject to commission.

The commission fees are as follows:

All Performers Actra Full Member / Apprentice / AABP & Non-Union:

  • 10% commission for regular background performances;
  • 15% commission for upgrades, commercials, music videos, etc;
  • 20% for print.

ACTRA Members please note:
Please pay your commission as soon as you get your cheque in the mail. You need to pay your commission within 1 (one)  month from your work date, or a $15.00 late fee per cheque will apply.

To confirm what show you are paying for and the commission owed, always send a copy of your pay stub and blue or pink voucher.

Your commission can be paid by cash, or via e-transfer.

** If you send your cheques to our office, you must pick up your cheques and pay your commission within 1 month. We will always email you when we receive your cheque from production.

AABP & NON-UNION please note:
On your voucher you must write Your Legal Name”  and our agency address.

C / O Morgan Rickman Talent
46 Monastery Lane
Toronto, On, M1L 4V6

Your cheque will arrive at our office directly from production within 15 business days. We will always email you when we receive your cheque from production.

** You must pick up your cheques and pay your commission within 1 (one) months.

Cancellation Fee
If you are booked on a production and need to cancel, you must inform us of the cancellation at least 24 hours in advance of your call time. Performers who cancel less than 24 hours before their work day will be charged a $25.00 Cancellation Fee. Repeated cancellations will deactivate your registration.

No-Show Fee
If you fail to show up for your work day you will be charged a $50.00.

Late-Payment Fee
If you don’t pay your commission within 1 (one) month from your work day (and any fees you obtained from that work day) you will be charged $15.00 per month until your account is paid and up to date.

As of 2018, a certificate from the Online Health & Safety Course through the Ministry of Labour is required to work in Ontario. It is mandatory by law, not optional. All Productions will require a copy of this certificate from every employee, including Background Performers.

Please complete the online training coarse and print out copies of the certificate. Give a copy each and every time you work on a new production or season. We suggest you keep a picture of this on your phone as a back up in case you have to email it to production.  It is your responsibility, and if you do not have a copy for production you will be sent home.

For the Health & Safety Certificate, free online course please go to: http://www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/hs/elearn/worker/index.php 
*This will take about 30 minutes to complete.


Be advised that production is meticulous about getting completed Residency Forms before releasing cheques to Performers. Many productions now will not permit Background Performers to start work if they do not have the required documents. You will also be asked to provide proof of residency. You are required to bring any 2 items that shows your name and address either a driver’s license, a utility bill, a bank statement, a tax assessment from the previous year, photo copies are acceptable. Your S.I.N card or health card is not sufficient. You may be able to submit these forms online directly to the payroll company before you start work.

As a Minor (under 18 years old) working on set there are a few details you need to know.

  • Minors babies to 15 years must always be accompanied by an adult. One guardian for every Minor. If the parent/guardian cannot be on set a chaperon must be appointed to take their place.
  • The Parent or Legal Guardian will need to fill out a Minors Engagement Form once they arrive to set prior to the start of work.
  • If there are over six minors on set a minors coordinator will be on set to assist in all matters relating to the welfare and comfort of the minors and to address any questions and concerns. Under six minors on set, direct your questions and concerns, to the BG representative or an AD (assistant director).
  • Minors are only allowed to work a certain amount of hours. The maximum a Minor can work depends on their age:


Under 12 years old – 8 hour maximum plus 1 hour unpaid lunch. (9hrs total)

12-15 years old – 10 hour maximum plus 1 hour unpaid lunch. (11hrs total)

16 & 17 years old – 12 hour maximum plus 1 unpaid lunch. (13hrs total)

18 years old and over – NO MAXIMUM.


If you are a guardian of a Minor 16 or 17 years of age, you do not need to accompany your child to set, but you must still complete the forms and have your child bring them to set.

The production company employs your services as an independent contractor, therefore they are the ones you get a T4 from and you are responsible for remitting your own taxes.

Any T4 that arrives at our office will be available for pick up in person, we will email you if one arrives for you. We are unable to mail T4s due to the large volume. 

If you are missing a T4 you need to contact the Production Payroll Service Company that issued the cheque(s). You will be required to give them your SIN #.

Cast and Crew: 416-406-2768.

EP Canada (Entertainment Partners): 416-923-9255


Please note: The Agency does not keep record of each talent’s earnings. It is your responsibility to keep track of your earnings.

AABP/NON UNION Performers: Once you have completed the in office registration process, first by filling out the registration form, that we will email to you & bringing in a hard copy photo of yourself, pay your registration fee and so we can meet in person, you will be directed to the online registration.

ACTRA Members (Full & Apprentice): You may come to the office or mail us  your registration form with a hard copy photo of yourself. Once completed you will directed to register online.

We will always call you first to see if you are available to work on a show.  We must speak with you to book you for a show.

Once you are confirmed booked, then the night before the date of work, we will email you with all your work details. This emailed information will include: your Call Time, (the time you are needed to start work — always arrive at least 15 min early); the Location where you are to show up to; and the Wardrobe you must bring to set (always bring 2 sets of full wardrobe changes), and any other pertinent information. You must then reply back to this email confirming receipt of the details. DO NOT REPLY ALL.  Reply by writing, Confirmed and your name (eg. Confirmed, Jane Smith).

If you have any questions about the Call Time details, email us. We will email you as soon as we get your Call Time from production, they normally send this out at the wrap of their current shoot day. If you do not get your Call Time, or any information by 11:30 pm the night before your date of work, please email or call our office. Sometime the shows are shooting late or if it is a night shoot they may be sending the Call Time details in the morning.